Calibrating PM with one device and recording with another

My (recently replaced) Garmin 520 has picked up a wonderful “quirk” which means it connects to the PM , but can’t/won’t calibrate the Stages PM - it errors and sets it to zero.

[An aside: Garmin say they can’t/won’t do anything and don’t guarantee their devices work with non-Garmin devices - great!]

Anyway, to get around this issue, before an outside ride I’ve been calibrating the PM using the Stages App on my iPhone, and then record my ride as usual with my Garmin.

Does my Garmin record my ride using the latest calibration data even though that calibration was on a different device [Stages App]?

Or does it only record data according to the last calibration on that exact device [the Garmin]?

Thanks all

Yes. The actual power meter calibration values (zero offset) are stored on the power meter itself, no matter which device or app was used to do the zero offset calibration.


Thank you @mcneese.chad!

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