Garmin fenix 6 & tacx flux & iphone app issue

Hello All,

Been using TR for years now with my tacx flux, garmin fenix 6 and iphone app.

In the past have flux connected to iphone to record the ride & control trainer in erg mode via TR iphone app. I have a stages power meter which was the connected to my fenix 6 to record the ride for garmin (to get training status etc)

My stages power meter is not working, having an issue that if i start the workout everything is good , power being controlled by TR app on iphone, when i then start the ‘free ride’ on the fenix to track the ride then sometimes this then takes control of the trainer. Not resistance is set so just pedal along at 50 watts - the flux i still connect to the Iphone/TR app as the power is still displayed but i means erg mode doesnt work

I have messed around with order of connecting devices etc but finding it a bit in consistent

i have had best results with starting the ride as normally on TR app, making sure that it is controlling the power then going to indoor training on Fenix and starting a free ride

Last night however, this didnt work, its a real pain is there a better way to get all of these to play nice?


Remove the current pairing on the Fenix of the Flux as a Trainer, then re-pair it as a power meter.

haha ok great, that sounds like a plan, will try that, much appreciated!