Garmin 830 Edge navigation/course download question

I just got a Garmin 830 Edge. Never used anything similar before (just old school distance/speed computers). Got it the day before my first gravel race (trying new things this year). I downloaded the course file sent by the race organizers to my desktop computer, plugged in the Garmin, clicked the file and dragged it to the Garmin “courses” file. Double clicked “courses” to make sure it was there, and it was. So I ejected the Garmin, pressed navigation, courses, saved courses…and nothing is there (“there are no saved courses”). Went thru the same process, got the “file already exits” notice, replaced it, checked it and it was there, unplugged…and nothing. Ended up doing the ride without it and missed several unmarked turns. Would really like to figure this out before the next race. Suggestions?

Put into “New Files” folder if you want to do it tethered.

I use the RideWithGPS app on my 530 to transfer via phone (Bluetooth).

old person here. what does “tethered” mean? I did get it to download to phone using Ride w/ GPS but couldn’t figure out how to get it from phone to head unit. thanks

Tethered = loading from computer to Edge via USB cable.

Got it! Saving it to New Files worked. Makes no sense, but it worked. Thanks!!



Totally agree here, clearly there is something going on in the background but it took me an age to work this out when I first got my 810 (unfortunately pre-TR forum).

My first courses were synced from Garmin Connect mobile app to a 520. Then I read about loading maps and courses via USB on DCRainmaker. It’s an old post, been around since before I got back into cycling. He updated that post last year:

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cool. thanks again!

For me the fastest way is with the mobile app… If you download a GPX or get it in your email, you can just open it (android, not sure about iOS) in the Connect app. You can directly save the opened GPX as a course and mark it to be synced when your edge is in BT range. I haven’t had my 530 connected to a pc since I bought it…

If you still prefer to use a desktop, you can also start with the connect webinterface and import the gpx as a course and markt it to be synced (not sure if it then synces via wifi, or you still need to do other stuff…)

Dropping files onto the device itself it a really old fashion workflow, from before the connect app could do this for you.

The reason for the new file folder is that the files need to get processed (and then stored by the device itself in a different format in the courses folder, or maybe processed to be added in the internal database or something like that). Just putting it in the courses folder doesn’t trigger anything and therefore it doesn’t show up

how do you open an email in Connect?

I connected my 810 the first time this weekend after reading something @GPLama posted somewhere - cue 7GB of map updates that weren’t done over BT!

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When you open an attached gpx file, android will prompt you for which app you want to use, you can choose connect and save as a course

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and if you are on iOS, complain to Garmin because you can’t import into app. That is something Garmin needs to add to the iOS app (on iOS other apps like Cyclemeter and Wahoo allow you to import a fit file).

On RideWithGPS if you have a route pinned or copied to your routes, the easiest way to get on your headunit is to install the ConnectIQ app RideWithGPS onto your 830. Then just open the RideWithGPS app on your 830, and select the course.