Garmin Edge Can Pause, FFWD and RWD outdoor workouts

Not without using a binary file editor and hacking the FIT file that TR sends to your Garmin. I’ve done it per that thread, and its a huge hassle.

Back to the main point, lets say you have a 30 minute sweet spot interval, and at minute 20 you have to wait 4 minutes at a light, and then resume for another 10 minutes. Give that to or a coach and what do you get? A 20 minute interval, 4 minute recovery with 0W, and a 10 minute interval. That reflects the physiology. It is why we count zeros in power files.

And what do you get if you are inside using TR app, using default settings, and step off the bike 4 minutes? You see a 30 minute interval which is flat out not what happened. That’s why I turned off TR app’s auto-pause, and because I actually look at how fast HR drops during recovery intervals (even if it is a stop light, or stopping to take a picture), I turned off auto-pause on my Garmin too.

For what its worth if I’m doing a long interval, I’m a big fan of playing the “right at red” game and keeping it going. And my workouts are synced from TrainingPeaks and have 3-sec power on the green/yellow/red graph (I love that graph, along with the real-time power graph). Taking a right turn usually means a small drop in power, followed by a small surge after the turn, and therefore doesn’t have any real impact on average lap power.

You can’t always do that, and what I usually end up doing in that circumstance is to let it keep recording, take note of how long I was stopped, usually about 1-2 minutes where I live, and mentally do that as part of the next (recovery) interval or rewinding so that the correct target appears on the Garmin. Here is a workout with 10-min warmup going straight into a 25-min tempo interval, and I ran into unusual Sunday morning detours and traffic:

I just let the 25 minute interval finish, and then hit rewind, and did an additional 10 out of 25 minutes as “make it up” and then hit lap button for next interval to get back on plan.



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