Garmin Edge 830 BT Device Dropouts

I went out on a long ride yesterday and towards the latter half of the ride, the BT devices (Wahoo TICKR, Stages crank PM, Garmin Varia) connected to my Garmin 830 kept dropping out and reconnected every few minutes.

I’ve ridden with this exact combo of devices with the same Garmin 830 for the past 1-1.5 years. There has been some dropouts (1-2 for the same ride), but nothing like yesterday.

For indoor TR workouts, I use mostly the same devices minus the 830 and the Varia. The Stages, TICKR, and my KICKR are paired to my iPad running the TR app. Zero dropouts.

The key thing is that I recently purchased a new Google Pixel 6 that’s paired to the 830 via BT and this was my first outdoor ride with it. I’m not sure this would impact the connection with the other BT paired devices though? My next step in troubleshooting is to do a short ride with the same setup but without my phone.

Has anyone else experienced the same issues?

I had some similar weird BT issues with an 830 in the past. I was using a Scosche Rhythm+ HR arm band and I was getting all kinds of BT disconnects while riding. I started switching some on my devices over to ANT+ that supported it, but ultimately when I ditched the Scosche and got a Polar Arm Band instead, the problems went away.