Garmin Edge 530 and MTB Trail Navigation

I am used to creating routes on Strava and then having them pushed to my Garmin 530 for road rides. I load the route and get the turn prompts as expected.

I have not used any route or navigation feature for mountain biking. Typically I am on a trail that I know or the trail system is small enough that I don’t need navigation.

What should I do to get turn prompts while mountain biking in new areas? Do I simply just create a route on Strava or is there a better method? Trailforks seems to come up when I search online, but I have never used Trailforks.

The 530 has Trailforks maps built in.

Trailforks is vastly superior to Strava for creating off road routes due to the definition of trails, i.e. the trails are more likely to accurately appear on TF due to TF being designed for MTB, not an add on to a system designed for road. You can use it to create a loop much in the same way as any other mapping service. Save as a GPX and upload to the device.

Only downside is the screen size of the 530. It can become hard to decipher different trails if you are in a network of trails that run close to each other, as in step through a bush and you’re on another trail. I have found it can be hard to figure out trails that for all intents and purposes are effectively a multiple pronged junction separated by a tree or two.

Not a problem for 90% of riding though and is only really due to the screen size.

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Create a route on garmin website, upload to device. Start route on garmin, and it will give you turns and such. It works really good.

I prefer to use trailforks, but it works very well on garmin. Trailforks integration was the one and only reason I went garmin instead of wahoo.
As handynzl mentioned, screen size/resolution can make it a bit hard to see at a glance if theres multiple trails nearby, but even on a 1030, im not sure this would be all that much better.