Garmin Edge 520 issue

TR gang…

Last week I updated my 520 via Garmin Express to v12.90, which then – technically speaking – screwed it up. (On pressing start, it was stuck on the ride/home screen and would not display the profiles or do anything else remotely useful as you would hope from an expensive pebble sized hunk circuitry and plastic)

Anyway, I did a reformat of the drive and tried manually placing a previous firmware gupdate.gdc file into the Garmin folder, in the expectation it would then rebuild the file system upon a reset.

Long story short…
On startup, its getting stuck on the ‘Loading Profiles’ screen, and I can see by starting the device in ‘mass storage mode’, that the file system is not being rebuilt. Having done a scour of the internet and Garmin forums (and Garmin support who will just offer me a replacement for £95 as i’m just out of warranty).

I think my next hope is to get hold of a copy of the file system for the 520 and paste it into the ‘Garmin’ folder on my device and hope that gets me somewhere…

Can anyone offer any advice as to whether this would work? Or anything else I could try?

Cheers guys

Hi! I have the same problem… if you find what is the problem?

I have association issues between Garmin Interface and the Edge 520 Or more. Firmware on the Edege is 3.0. I flashed it physically on the grounds that I additionally get no association with garmin express. Unique firmware was 2.5 yet it didn’t work, so I flashed the most recent one. Before each endeavor in garmin associate, I erased the Bluetooth associations and just matched through the application. (additionally restart both) However it generally severs into equal parts with the message bluethooth settings fizzled. My telephone: Iphone X IOS 11.4.1 Perhaps somebody has tackled this issue and can support me.
Lucky Patcher Kodi nox