Garmin corrupt fit files, why?


Just returned from a ride today and as usual I synced it via the connect app etc.

However I immediately notice that all the graphs (elevation hr etc) are essentially a straight line on the connect web page.

On Strava in the meantime the ride has synced and whilst the data is available I spot an absurdly high elapsed time. Funny though, the ride would not show up on the main activities page but only in the training log.

On intervals icu the info is displayed correctly with the exception of the distance which was missing.

After trying to fix the file the ride is displayed correctly on Strava and intervals and tr.
However there remains this time an absurdly low moving time on connect while the elapsed time Is correct.

On the edge 520 itself the post ride info seems to be fine so I am wondering what happened.
It started to rain a bit towards the end of the ride but honestly is that enough to cause all this? Anyone has experienced this before?


Rain would affect the altimeter on my 520 - the water would block the opening for the sensor. Things sorted themselves out when I uploaded to Strava and their code worked out the correct elevation gain for my route.

I’ve had a ride where I’ve been contacted by Strava about “odd” speed data. When I looked at the file I’d maintained an even 30km/h up 16% slopes, on the flat and downhill!

I’m assuming that “trying to fix the file” involved fitfiletools which would have been my first suggestion.

Yes, I had a similar thing happening regarding elevation and rain. Is there any solution to that problem you might be aware of?

In this case though the data was recorded correctly but it had different issues across platforms (connect no graphs, Strava wrong elapsed time, intervals icu no distance).

Yes correct I used fit file repair but I would like to avoid this situation again.

I’m not sure you can fix the altimeter problem - the sensor needs access to the outside environment so is always going to be susceptible to becoming blocked.

How old is the unit? My old 510 suddenly started acting oddly plus I suddenly became a 300kg, 1.2m 6yr old :sweat_smile:

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