Garmin Edge 1050 Released

Well, I gave jn. It is indeed a sexy unit.


Nice bike!! Any chance we can get a pic of the rest?


built-in bell :bell:


Nice! Can’t wait to get one as well for the skinny tires bike

The burgundy line and small blue tick for the arrow makes my blood boil.

Everyone someone asks what the best head unit for navigation is, and someone replies: Garmin… :upside_down_face:

Wahoo does it much better to be honest, great contrast and large arrow.

At least Hammerhead also understands the need for good colors and contrast and large arrow.

Just received mine yesterday (“upgrade” from Roam)


users have been requesting a change from garmin for what feels like forever, but … crickets.

there are workarounds but it still feels like garmin just doesn’t care about it’s software and are just pumping out new hardware.


Considering I have red green color blindness, I really strugle to see the line in many conditions, with the arrows it works ok, but I really wisch they would provide a high contrast option for it… Will maybe try out if that change in the MAPTHEME file works on a 530…

it should, as that linked thread in the garmin forums above is referencing the 530.

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I, too, am a weak man.

The screen is pretty impressive compared to the 1040 Solar, but it still feels like this a little bit:

I haven’t had a chance to look at the videos yet, but does the thing still have all the responsiveness of a 2008 Android phone? I like my 1040, but everything seems to move at 10 fps on that thing.

Playing with it, I don’t think it’s necessarily responsiveness that’s the issue, it’s not laggy per se. I think I’m just so used to the 120 Hz screen on my iPhone being so smooth that anything else feels like a slideshow in comparison. But I do love how bright it is, it’s so much easier to see in sunlight. I also really like the speaker; besides the bike bell, the noises coming out of this thing are so much more pleasant than the shrill beeps in the 1040. I also thought it’d be a pain to set it up, but it just transferred all my data screens and sensors from my previous unit, it all took 30 seconds. I was pretty impressed, but I think I had low expectations from Garmin’s UX.

Anyway, can’t wait to take it out on a long ride tomorrow.


Is the bell actually usable? I’m feeling extremely cynical about it being at the correct volume and angle that it will alert people on a path unless I’m crawling along and a meter behind them, in which case I would have already called out a several seconds prior.

I’ll find out tomorrow when I go for a ride, but testing informally:

An actual bike bell on my desk:

The bell on the 1050, from the same distance:

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Yeah, that isn’t good enough…we need to know the model of real bell you tested, its claimed octave and pitch along with the dB rating.

This is real sciency-schitt here… :crazy_face:


Let’s wait for @dcrainmaker to set up an anechoic chamber in his pain cave so he can test this conclusively.


For me, my testing is the ‘Amsterdam Bike Path’ test: Does the bell work well enough to alert people to me coming up behind them, such that they compliantly move out of the way without concurrently giving me a scowl?

And indeed, it does. It’s loud AF. Seriously, super loud. But also manages to sound precisely like a real bike bell. Everyone has simply shifted out of the way, nobody has gotten angry, and I don’t feel weird using it like some of the other electronic bells I’ve tried over the years.


How likely is it that we’ll see this feature on the new Fenix in september?

I assume it’s not straightforward to use custom sounds…? It’d be entertaining if the bell sound is a little wav or mp3 that’s visible and changeable on the device’s file system. Could be fun to switch for a loud Chitty Chitty Bang Bang hooter, or a Zwift style “RIDE ON!” to use when passing someone, or to freak people out in a group ride!

Yes, it works great on my Garmin watch. My bank no longer supports Apple Pay… but no reason to have it on my Edge.

You can get a very similar experience on a Garmin watch. I use a Forerunner 965 and have set it up so holding the Start button will open Garmin Pay. After holding that button you can just hold the watch near the terminal and it will pay. If you have not entered the PIN yet, you have to enter that. The PIN will be remembered until you take off the watch and is easy to enter on the newer watches with a touch display. You can also select which card to use by using the up/down keys.

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Unfortunately, not all banks support Apple Pay.