Garmin Edge 1040 Released

Well… the app uses your phone that has gps on it. Accurate just like whatever weather program is on your phone.

If I am in and out of shaded areas I will be able to tell if its warmer or colder, really dont see how an accurate temperature will help me! I dont need accurate temperature if it rains and the temperature drops as I will know if I am cold and wet. The temperature on the screen is not going to make me feel better about being cold and wet!!!

Windfield will forcast the next few hours of weather on the edge so you can prepare for it in advance. I dont really care if the temperature is 100F or 30C on the edge and a tornado warning is out and a huge storm is 1-3 hours away. The edge temperature tells me nothing. Windfield tells me the future. ;).

I experienced the tornado warning and the massive storms in June. On my trip I missed almost all the storms (except one as I thought it would go north of me). I also found safety far in advance of both Tornado issues.

I also believe its $12 and not $30.

Then no need for you to buy one FBS. You don’t need to explain windfield. It’s a common and popular field. $30 for the sensor, not windfield.

I’m wondering about the increase in crashes from those who use this outside in a sound system that blocks external noise. Hoping people realize there are options like bone conduction headphones that work great on the bike. I use aeropex from aftershox

On the HWY 50 side most people use Mormon Immigrant to get up to Hwy 88 to get to South Lake Tahoe. I think there may be a way to be able to get to north shore on paved roads, but I’m not sure what that would be. It is definitely gravel on Foresthill all the way to where it comes out near Soda Springs at the Serene Lakes community. That is a very remote area, and the road is quite rough, and it takes a LONG time to get there.

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Well, I joined the 1040 club after I took an endo on my MTB a week ago and broke the mounting point of my 1030. Started getting it set up this morning, and need to figure out power plan, climb pro, all of that.

Does anyone have any idea how to create a route for a race that does 4 laps of the same course? Been playing around with editing the GPX manually, but have never tested this, anyone done it? Easier way?

Still working on that myself. Not sure how you do laps. Maybe a tip on YouTube or Garmin Forums?

Well, I was able to edit the GPX to create the multiple laps, but I think I need to do a test close to the house to make sure navigating multiple laps works in practice. Wouldn’t want to get to the end of lap 1 and just have it assume I crossed the finish line and end navigation…

Another new beta firmware is out:

Changes made from version 14.12 to 14.13:
Updated to Training Status 2.0
Fixed issue with Di2/Remote actions going to previous page
Fixed Connect IQ issue with getting temperature data
Fixed changing data fields on workout data screen
Fixed auto lap by position
Fixed issues with ebike range
Made minor improvement to power calibration UI
Fixed various bugs and improved product stability

Anyone know what the different version of training status really means?

Ok I’m going to be honest, this:

is making me a little nervous and clearly it’s time to carb the f up. Climb 1 of 1 :joy:


Not sure but maybe @GPLama can answer. Glad they are making quick changed. The di2 thing was bothering me. Everything else has pretty much been spot on.