Strava times are wrong?

Hi, I’ve enabled trainer road strava integration, but all the times in strava seem wrong.

For example I finished a one hour workout this morning at 9am, but the strava upload shows the time of 11:59PM yesterday. Is it using the time zone of the trainer road server? I believe my TR settings have the correct time zone (gmt/utc). Just wondering if it’s a bug out or I Just have some more settings to configure?



Go into ‘Account’ on the website and check your Time Zone


Hey, that’s set to UTC+0000 Dublin/Lisbon etc which is correct for my location (assuming you mean the TrainerRoad website).

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Are you getting Satellite fix before you start your workout. If my Garmin has been off for a while it loses the time and needs gps to refresh it.

Plus have you checked you have the correct location set up in Strava?

Ah that looks like the problem! It was set to null, null. Will check how tomorrow’s ride looks.

Thanks everyone!

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Have you checked the side of your indoor trainer to see if it’s inscribed with the following letters ? …