Elevation data for ride sync'd from Garmin

If I ride outdoors with my Garmin Edge 530, then Garmin Connect reports the ride as ‘road cycling’, and the sync into TR (from GC and Strava) shows Elevation, HR and Speed in the TR activity.

If I ride outdoors with my Garmin Forerunner 35, then Garmin Connect reports the ride as ‘cycling’, and it includes Elevation data - but in this case, the elevation data does not sync into TR.

Is that by design or a bug? Both GC and Strava show elevation data in both cases.

I’m assuming that TR pulls the data from either Strava or GC?

Seems odd if that’s the case.

Might be worth contacting support@trainerroad.com

Yeah, have actually been in touch with them - seems that the .fit files generated by the Forerunner differ from those generated by the Edge 530 in terms of the way that elevation data correction is performed - the end result being that upon sync, elevation data from GC doesn’t make it into TR for rides recorded on the Forerunner. But if I download the TCX version of the ride (from GC) and manually import into TR, the elevation data does appear. Am hoping that TR can fix it so that rides from the Forerunner will sync all the data fields in the same way that a cycling head unit like the Edge would do.

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