Garmin Connect Desktop; View all Lap Fields at once?

Not sure where else to put this.

Has anyone figured out a way to view all Garmin lap fields when on the desktop (or iOS application)? It’s super annoying to have to scroll over as you can’t, for example, see lap # and power for the lap at the same time.

Here’s an example from my phone but desktop does the same thing. If you want to find NP for example you have to scroll right, at which point you’ll lose sight of the first 6 or more data fields.

Not that I’ve seen. On my phone to see NP I do a quick review in TrainingPeaks. I’ll actually look at Strava mobile first but that’s average power which is great for shorter punchier intervals. Strava is anct nice for seeing average power of all laps and getting a quick overview of the workout. Another option for NP would be Intervals.

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If you zoom out to 50% in the browser you can see all the columns, but the print gets pretty tiny.

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Yeah I’ve tried that. It’s pretty silly as there’s all that dead space to the right of screen and I have no idea why they don’t have an expand button to go full screen.

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