Garmin bluetooth heartrate strap slow with connection

Hi folks,

Question: I use a Garmin HRM (dual BLE/ANT) heartrate strap with my macbook with the TR desktop app.

My Kickr (5th gen) always makes an instant connection, but most of the times I have to wait for minutes to make a bluetooth connection with the Garmin HRM (I don’t use ANT+ with my macbook).

With my Fenix 5s plus I always have an instant connection with the strap.

After the TR app makes a connection (after waiting a while…), everything works fine and is 100% stable.

Does anybody knows what can be the issue ? Maybe I have to make the strap more wet before use ?

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

I don’t why but I think my dual HRM behaves the same way. Connect it through Ant+ its instant but it takes a while over BT :thinking: