What head unit should I get?

Planning to get a new head unit. I currently have a Lezyne unit which has been mostly fine, but occasionally drops power connections and doesn’t pick them back up again, but I’ve really enjoyed the battery life being huge and the integration with Komoot.

I’ve got a bunch of mounts for it, including a pricey stem faceplate bolt one. I’ve also got a bunch of old Garmin mounts from when I had an Edge 500.

Is it worth getting a garmin unit for outside workouts? (Wahoo isn’t on my radar due to all the mounts).

I’m a proper skinflint, so what’s the cheapest unit I can get away with?

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Skinflint here too. I went with the Wahoo Roam - after numerous Garmins, et al it is by far the most intuitive and easy to use.

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I have the original Edge 130 apart from its size and ability to record power I wouldn’t rate it.
I like the reviews of the 130plus though and it’s new workout features.


Yeah I made this mistake - got the Edge 130 thinking it would be a replacement for my Edge 500. Sadly it wasn’t, had to buy the 130 Plus for structured workouts.

I am pretty happy with the 130 Plus.


After struggling for years with two glitchy 510s, I got a 530 and it has been flawless.

Sorry, but a Wahoo Elemnt Roam vote here. It is wholly intuitive and just works.


wahoo! i had a garmin 520 it was crap. Wahoo FTW

The companion app is stella, the wahoo unit it’s self is great and simple to use. Not touch screen but i prefer that personal

I still have garmin 510 after 8 years of use. If I was to replace on the cheap I’d go 130plus from feedback I’ve received.

Just FYI…since you mentioned all the mounts and therefore ruling out a Wahoo, many mounts you can just rotate the mount interface 90* and it will work just fine with a Wahoo. I do that on several of my mounts.

So that could open up a Wahoo option if you are interested. Personally, I find Wahoos far superior to Garmin, mostly due to the simpler interface and set-up.

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Garmin 530. If you are an Apple fans, Wahoo probably has a better integration since Android and Windows was an after thought.

Upgraded from an Edge 130 to 530 a couple weeks ago and I love it.

I guess wahoo bolt and Garmin 530 are both solid choices. You will have a good time with either. I prefer the wahoo due to the more intuitive UI and I love their customer service (had bad experience with Garmin in that case). But that’s just me.

FYI if you can turn the insert of your mounts, like described above by @Power13, with this adapter you can use a wahoo on any Garmin mount:

Big fan of the Hammerhead Karoo here. I have the original Karoo. The Karoo 2 is just starting to ship pre-orders. I’m not sure when they’ll be readily available without a wait. But, if you’re not in a pinch and can wait until January or so, by then there will be enough K2s out there for real life reviews to come trickling in.

Alas, currently there is no support for TR outside rides, Training Peaks yes, but not TR. However, there have been indications that TR workout support is in the works (advance press screenshots, DR Rainmaker, …).

Wahoo Bolt here. Saying same as above but just so intuitive and huge “just works” factor. Took Garmin years to catch up to Wahoo at its price point but still the simplicity of Wahoo wins. Also it was the cheapest price point for a while with the ANT FE-C (controlling your trainer).

Def works well with Wahoo Kickr if you have one too.

One thing if you go with a garmin like the 530, is it has basically the same interface as the edge 500, so it will be familiar, and also comforting if you have Stockholm syndrome :slight_smile:
I have a wahoo bolt and a 530, and have a strong preference for the wahoo.

I had a look at this and don’t really get the appeal. Colour screen and the size of a small book, for a sport that’s obsessed with aero, our bike computers are massive. What am I missing?

Obsessed with aero, perhaps, but even more obsessed with data. Head unit provides data, which trumps aero. :smile:

Big head units can be used as aero bars in races that don’t allow aero bars :wink:

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thats why I love the Garmin 530, great price and great set of features including 3rd party data fields.

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