Garmin 830 lap questions

Few questions for the garmin officianatos…

Starting a ride begins lap 1. When I press “Lap” to start my first interval, that begins lap 2, pressing lap again to end said interval starts lap 3. Is there any way to set it such that the first time I press lap, that starts lap 1 and pressing it again ends lap 1, next time I press lap, it starts lap 2? When doing short repeated intervals, it gets a bit of a pain to keep track of which rep im on with how it currently counts.

Regarding the lap notification, is there any way to shorten the time it notifies you of the lap counter on the screen? It seems to stay on for 5 or 6 seconds, which is covering power and HR. Currently trying to do 20 second repeats and the first 1/4 of that, half my screen is covered by telling me what lap Im on.

Are you using a predefined workout file or just hitting lap for yourself when the timer shows up? If you have timed intervals then it will just advance to the next. For some of the longer sets/intervals/rests there’s a second rest interval in the file that you have to hit lap to advance to the next.

If you want to not advance the lap, pause the activity.

I don’t recall the lap banner showing up in the workout screen with a workout loaded but it’s been a month since I’ve done structure.

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Not that I’m aware of. Think of the laps in between that you don’t want like recovery intervals. Sounds like you’re just interested in laps 1, 3, … etc. just ignore the data from the other laps.

If you are on the lap screen when you press the Lap button then the temporary lap summary screen does not show. I configured mine to include power and other info I want. If you’re on any other screen then the lap summary screen will show when you press the Lap button.

Just hitting lap, this is without a workout loaded

Just do them by time. For example if you were going to do 10 reps of 30/30. Hit the lap button, then go 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off until you hit 10 minutes. You can do the same with 20/40s. I have the lap timer on the data screen I use for intervals.

If your short intervals don’t fit within a minute, I can’t help you. :slight_smile:

I hit the page up/down button on my 530 when I want the lap message to go away quickly.

Interval workouts

Ahh, good idea, I think I just have running total time. I’ll add that!