Favero Assioma / Garmin 530 users... Wheres the Power Phase 'switch'?

Has anyone worked out how to turn on power phase data recording??

Ive uploaded the screens to show the data but the last few rides it doesnt show or record the power phase information.

I calibrate the pedals through the garmin, which are shown as individual pedals via the settings menu, but can’t find anythnig in the menus to turn PP data on!

Assuming its the same as my 830…

Sensors>Favero Assioma>Sensor Details>Cyling Dynamics toggle that on and you should be good to go.

Although I think it only works via Ant+ and as you see individual pedals I’m wondering if you have them connected via bluetooth?

Its odd as I tried it with my 820 and I got all the data recorded, maybe thats why, can I specify how it connects, or turn bluetooth connection off, I assume I just turn it off from the garmin and then turn it on when I needto upload?

I think you will have to “forget” (both?) your pedals via the 530’s sensor menu then when you re-connect you should see the option to connect by ant+ rather than bluetooth.

If you follow Sensors>Favero Assioma>Sensor Details> it will say if its connected to the ant+ network.

You can still connect your garmin to your phone via bluetooth - that makes no difference.

was the absolute correct answer - thanks for your help

I now have all the data to geek out on!!