Garmin 530 Incident Detection

Has anyone else had issues with this an incident detection giving false positives? Pretty much every ride I’ve done this year has had an incident detection been triggered when I’ve stopped at lights a T junction or just anytime I’ve slowed down quickly.

I don’t remember it being an issue last year so I assume an updated version of the firmware (in fact the only time it triggered was when I broke my ribs in a crash on a holiday trip and I was scrambling to stop it from texting my wife and causing her to worry).

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I’ve turned it off completely on my 1030 and 830. Mountain biking it would go off constantly and on my road bike it would go off when I stopped at an intersection.

Seems Garmin needs to go back rework the algorithm in terms of how crashes are detected.

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All the time, I turn it off, it drives me nuts. Garmin 830.

Never while riding and I travel on really beat up and bumpy roads. I’ve had the 530 since August and have been mostly training outside. Connected sensors:

  • power meter (Stages gen3)
  • heart rate monitor (Garmin dual-band)
  • speed
  • Varia gen1 radar
  • Bontrager Flare RT rear light

The only false positive was last week when I flipped the bike upside down to fix a flat, and a 25mph wind gust knocked the bike over.

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To all of you getting false positives, what sensors do you have on your bike? Do you have cadence sensor? Speed sensor on the wheel hub?

I am interested because I don’t get false positives (830) but my friend gets a lot (820 without a speed sensor - uses GPS).

For MTB… I disable it…

On my Emonda road bike I have:

Garmin 1030
Quarq PM
Garmin Varia Rear Radar
Trek integrated speed sensor
Whoop HR strap

A quick, but not emegency, stop at an intersection definitely brings it on.

Only ever had one false positive on my 830, first ride on my Tarmac as I got home. Many rides since and no issues.

PowerTap P1 pedals
Garmin HRM
See.Sense Ace rear light
Ultegra Di2

power meter, speed sensor on hub, heart rate monitor.

potholes seem to trigger it, fast descents on rougher road (IIRC), some quick swerves to move around stuff on the road.

of course, rapid stops too. sometimes the rapid stops are near issues, but absolutely hate having to take eyes off the road to futz with the thing to turn off the alert.

Every week I’m hitting potholes, doing quick swerves, and hard braking. No problems on my 530.

Maybe its a hardware issue with your accelerometer? Some info about the hardware is at the end of the Crash Alert section of this DCRainmaker “Garmin releases …” post:

Have you called Garmin or filed a ticket?

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no, just turned it off as a useless feature. :slight_smile: The worst thing is trying to futz with this thing on a 50mph descent. Definitely not worth the hassle. Will try it again, when I try to ride outside again, but maybe with no contacts.

I just watched that video. “shake it kinda hard,” that wasn’t much at all (ignoring the length of arm movement vs the speed of direction change). I can try it manually, like DCR, and for sure I definitely hit bumps harder than that when at speed. I’m guessing it’s just a rapid movement, and doesn’t have to be far.

If that happened to me I’d

  • turn off incident detection
  • call Garmin and ask for a warranty exchange


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That never occurred to me, lol. Thanks! I’m going to look into this further now, lol.

Not on a 30 series device but latest firmware update on my 520 has caused 3 false positives, slowing quickly for junctions, one of which could not be cancelled. Might try going back a firmware if it happens again.

Sensors - Garmin Hr Strap
- Stages left PM Gen 2

I have a 1030 and have not had any issues. It did go off appropriately when I bounced my bike down my steps :slight_smile:

I have a 520+ and have the same issue. At least once per ride when I pull to the side of a single track trail to let someone pass it goes off, especially if I hit the brakes hard. I’ve disabled it in some of my ride profiles but need to disable in the rest.

I ride lots of gravel with my 530 and have never had an incident detection incident. :wink:
4iiii pm
Garmin hrm
Garmin speed sensor on front hub

For mtb I have it disabled.

Never had a false detection on my 530, it’s got the latest firmware and is on my MTB.

I wonder if they turn down the senstivity on the MTB profile vs road?

When I first used the MTB profile on my 830 I had a notification saying incident detection is disabled for the profile.

I only get false positives when I stop quite abruptly - e.g. when ending my ride at home in my drive, it’s a slight downhill there.

Garmin 1030
Vector 3s
With and without Cadence and Speed sensors.

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