Garmin 520 edge bluetooth to Samsung S9?

Has anyone had problem connecting 520 edge to a Samsung S9. I have contacted Garmin and Samsung. Garmin says it’s a Samsung problem and Samsung just doesn’t really know. I have to plug into my computer to up load. I have gone through pretty much all the reconnect, reboot, factory reset, pain in the a$$ stuff. Thanks for any help.

Since the last firmware update on the Edge, I’ve had it randomly disconnect/reconnect every 45 minutes or so, but it is working most of the time. Any issues with other BT connections from your phone (car, speakers, etc)?

No, all of my other devices connect to the S9 including my wives Forunner 35 Garmin watch. My 520 will connect o her Samsung S6. so, one will make me think it is one, and one will make me think it is the other.

Are you pairing it through garmin connect or just doing it through the connections setting in the phone?

I have tried both and all.

Seems to be a few threads on it in the garmin forums…all with no answers. Must be something they cant fix. Sell it and get a Wahoo…I have had zero issues with my bolt in two full seasons…using a S9 as well. I had an 820 that was a POS…

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i had the same problem with my s7 edge. As it turns out both the phone and the garmin sucked lol. Changed over to a wahoo elemnt and back to iphone and no problems since. I bought the wahoo used on ebay and sold the edge 520 for a net cost of about $25. Having been a gamin user for years I can tell you wahoo’s product is night and day better. I’ll never use a garmin product again, as I’ve had nothing but problems with them.

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