Garmin 830 Edge - Not pairing to sensors

Before I try a factory reset on my Garmin Edge 830, I wanted to see if anybody else has encountered this issue.

My head unit will not connect to my sensors. Not one of them. I can’t get my iPhone to connect either. I’m trying to connect via Bluetooth, as I have always done. I have removed the batteries from the sensors, reinstalled and still nothing.

I fired up my older Garmin 1000 Explore and that found and connected to the sensors immediately.

Any ideas, experience or suggestions?

Plug it into a USB (data) cable and load up Garmin Express and make sure it syncs everything. There’s a few things that Edge units will only update over USB (maps being one). If you want to live life in the fast lane, there’s beta firmware over on their forums released a few weeks before it rolls out to everyone. 9.26 is the latest beta as of right now for the 830.

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Is there a setting to turn off Bluetooth on the 830? I can’t remember but worth checking.

Credit where credit is due.

After discussing my Garmin 830 Edge issue with Garmin directly, it became clear that something wasn’t right with my head unit.

Garmin arranged for me to return the unit to them via UPS. Six days later, I’m the owner of a brand new Edge 830. Boxed with all the mounts etc.

Can’t grumble about that level of customer service. Thank you, Garmin.