Gains/technique impact from pushing workouts outdoor with a power meter

I’ve been using TrainerRoad indoors on a Wahoo Kickr (EGR mode) for about 8 months, and recently bought my first power meter (single side) and started pushing the workouts to my Elemnt Bolt and training outdoors.

One of the biggest impacts I’ve noticed is that in trying to keep a constant and level power output (with 3s smoothing) as part of the workout blocks, I’m focusing more than I ever have (outdoors anyway) on keeping a little bit of tension in legs and doing a 360-degree pedal stroke. In other words, the more I focus on a 360-degree pedal stroke, the smoother and more consistent my power output is, and so that’s what I’ve been kinda naturally trying to do in order to match my power output to the workout targets as much as possible.

My question is - is this a good thing? Am I actually improving my technique by doing this? Or am I making an arbitrary change to my pedaling technique just to try to have my power meter readings match the workout targets as much as possible. I assume that there is more efficiency is a smooth and consistent power output, and so that’s a good thing? Appreciate any feedback or thoughts.

You’ll learn to smooth things out as you get use to it - no need to overcomplicate things.

Trainers have artificial smoothing - so it may not be as steady as you think

Workout targets should a ‘range’ rather than a specific number - look at your power meter less, focus on the feeling you are getting whilst working within that range then check back to make sure it aligns with your power output.