FYI: How to Ignore a User or Mute a Topic

Given the recent events in a thread that shall not be linked (please don’t), I thought it would be useful to point out that this forum has the ability to ignore all posts from specific users.

How to:

  1. Find a post from the user and click on the user’s name. In the box that pops up, click the user’s name again
  2. You will now be on the user’s profile page. Now on the right, under the user name and location, should be a button that says “Normal”. Click that and select “Ignore”
  3. A box will pop up for you to select a time frame, I suggest forever. Click Ignore once more and you are done.
  4. Have a better experience

Edited to add: as pointed out below, you can also mute an entire thread (topic).

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the thread
  2. On the left there’s a button that says “Normal”, “Tracking” or “Watching”. Change that to “Muted”.

The forum defaults you to different states of notifications about the topic based on you replying, favoriting, etc. You can change the defaults in settings


Unfortunately their responses will still show up in whatever thread you are reading as “ignored content” at which point I can’t help but view the content for a laugh. A full block would be ideal


True, the forum software will still let you click to reveal a post from the ignored user, but you still have to click each one to reveal it. And if you don’t have that will power not to do that, then that’s on you.

It also hides direct quotes of the user.

I do wish it would also hide replies to the ignored user. As it is you still get to see other people’s posts feeding the commotion.

Same could be said for this entire process to ignore someone’s posts instead of just scrolling on down.


Sort of. But I don’t think anyone can really scan further down without inadvertently having your brain pick up on a few words from the content you are trying to avoid.

Not seeing it at all is better, at least for me

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Sounds like that’s solely on you

Maybe. I just think subconsciously we still read some of it. Even if we don’t consciously absorb it. It’s human nature. We have evolved to spot visual patterns really quickly. Hence the marketing tactic of subliminal messaging.

BTW, I wasn’t trying to single you out or criticize you. I meant the royal “you”, but that was not clear. I have to try to remember to use the royal “we” to be clearer.


and you can mute the offending thread as well.


Always helpful to remind folks of being able to mute individuals. I’m not really one to engage in online conflict (or real life lol) so I’m generally good at ignoring things and not engaging, but sometimes getting bombarded by individuals’ negative/contentious postings can be too much, so it’s always nice to be able to remove their content from sight. I’ve only had to do this a couple of times here, it’s by far a positive and well-meaning community.


I find muting topics more beneficial, some things I’m just not interested in reading and having on my feed. Ignoring members IMO is more about not being able to control our own triggers, and as annoying or obnoxious as some members here can sometimes be, they all have their moments when I stumble on a post and agree with or take something away from.

Also when you mute threads they completely disappear, which really un-clutters my feed a good bit and I can see stuff I’m actually interested in, not politics or polarized vs sweet spot vs _____ methods

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