Can we have a way to ignore threads on this forum?

I’m ok with people discussing “Game Changers” endlessly…but if there was a way I could never see that thread pollute the list of updated threads on this forum, that would be a great Christmas present.



there def is a way, on the notifications below (where it says normal, watching, tracking) you can pick muted and it won’t come up


Haha I’ve just jumped out of that thread too, it sure is heavy!

I think the trick is simply to carry on scrolling past it

Ha…yeah. I started it (sorry)…I muted it yesterday…getting a little out of hand…I did like the comment about humans being smart enough to design a basting brush for BBQ though.

You’re welcome. :grin:

  1. Go into the desired (undesired?) thread.
  2. Click on the follow option block st the bottom, or right side of long threads (PC interface only?).
  3. Change to “Muted” and you won’t see the thread any more.


Thanks, Chad. I’m going to mute THIS thread right now.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: