Don't know how to mute a topic

Just incase anyone wants to mute a topic, scroll down to the bottom and hit this button:


You can buy me a pint later…



It would be super nice if it could be muted without clicking into it!

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I wondered in the thread if anyone had ever muted their own topic because I just may do that. I thought it would be a cute diversion to get the ball rolling, didn’t think it would be the holy war it’s become

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Yee of little faith… this group can split the finest hair many times over… and beat the deadest horse with the best in the world (guilty as charged for some topics myself) :stuck_out_tongue:


I glanced at the topic when it was ~100 posts and figured I could catch up later in the day. By that time it was over 500 posts and another 600+ have been added since then.

Can’t really see the point in trying to enter that discussion now, so might as mute it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@mcneese.chad Thank you for all you do here. I’m sure it is challenging, often tests the limits of your tolerance and I appreciate it.


Hopefully you learned something from this.

:rofl: :rofl:


LOL, happy to help when I can.

I’ve honestly kept hands largely off the mess and done a bit more than the bare minimum of reading since it’s hard to keep up with the pace. I’m relying on forum members to “be excellent…” and/or flag what isn’t, so Ivy or I can handle it.

hmmm, my only beef with @IvyAudrain is that she said the workout she would assign to her ‘enemies’ or whatever the term was in the podcast, was Lazy Mountain. That was one of my favorites.


To be honest, its very civilised as internet forum hot topics go, and it’s brought over twenty new and lapsed posters to the forum so all good :smiley:

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Agreed. I have seen less contentious topics step far lower in other forums I’ve attended in the past.

This group is really great overall. It’s one I enjoy and value for all it, and the great members, offer.

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Mute is one of the best features in TR!

Can we automate it to remove any polarized vs TR discussions? They tend to be longwinded with no real outcome.


That thread about Tang was really a test of my self-restraint. Fortunately I didn’t give in and get kicked off of the forums.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve typed up a comment… paused for 10 seconds or more… and then canceled without posting it. Sometimes what is NOT said is more important :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for this! The same terrible threads keep making their way to the top of my forum feed.

So true.

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Whoah there buddy, why would I not participate and read the most interesting thread on the forum?

What, I’m going to skip over this goodness and read yet another “Question about the Ramp Test, it’s not really my FTP” post? :rofl:

This is helpful as well for those who want the gist of the thread without having to read all the crap thrown in.

Although to be fair, in the “thread”, there’s so much crap we’re all gonna come out smelling like ass.

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same here.

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