Strange feeling injury behind knee

Felt a little tinge of pain in my knee while riding yesterday, but it disappeared and I finished the day strong. 6 hours later I started to get a dull pain behind my knee at the top of my calf.

Today it’s uncomfortable to walk, but not painful. It’s worse when I try to squat down, makes my leg feel slightly unstable, and when I first walked down the stairs my leg nearly gave out. Ice seemed to make it more uncomfortable…

Anyone had anything similar?

Disclaimer: it’s 3 days of public holidays here, so everything is shut. I have good insurance so I will be going straight to the doctors to get a specialist referral. I’m just trying to manage my expectations in the mean time, while I’m off the bike and not at work.

I’m not sure if it is the same things. Years ago I had a strange feeling behind the knee and it was because my saddle was a little too high. More recently (although fortunately not for a while) I had a strange feeling behind the knee which could leave it feeling unstable. It seemed to be caused by ERG and short interval VO2max workouts. When the trainer would have high resistance and I would have a high cadence, and the sudden drop in resistance whilst still at a high cadence seemed to upset things. For the last while I’ve been doing everything on resistance mode and touch wood there has been no niggles in the knees.


Stranglely I just added in v02 intervals this week… :thinking:

You might have to amputate.

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This has some things that might be helpful

Had my initial appointment today. Diagnosed with a meniscus tear, and now need to wait for the MRI to see the next steps :person_facepalming:

Thanks for the feedback while I was waiting for the appointment boys :beers: Nothing worse than being injured and not knowing…