Fully stuck in limbo


I had planned to put a plan in place for a late season 70.3. I work in the industry and so have zero things to do right now but can over train now for another 8 weeks or so before some things will start happening.

I can’t see me getting a race with all the rescheduling going on and was thinking about 70.3 Indian wells in early December.

At the moment I am following a loose pattern around my normal lifestyle.

Ride mon
Run tues
Ride / row Wednesday
Run Thursday
Off Friday
Saturday run or ride + row
Sun long ride*

*normally this gets skipped and I try and put big hours on wednesday.

I use plan builder to fit this.

Since lockdown and home schooling kicked in I have have jumping around on Zwift and group rides with club members.

Is there a some structure I can put in place that will pay dividends later. When my time disappears again.

Get the benefits of having more time to train whilst you can then just use plan builder and pick your volume when things go back to normal.

Or if you build a load of fitness now and then only have limited time before your event you could use the HIIT maintenance specialty plan to hold your fitness with minimal time commitment on the bike.