Tired of Lycra - Indoors

Anyone have alternatives to bike shorts?

What for cycling?!? :laughing: er…no TR is tough enough even with decent kit - Castelli bibs - I can then focus on the pain!


why? you just need something between your but and your saddle that does not make you skip or bail your workout. For some it’s thick padding, for others… whatever.

I just use regular bibs, that I also use outside, as long as they are comfortable :slight_smile:
keep an eye on wear, as you probably (should) wash your kit more with frequent short workouts instead of a few long outdoor rides, so your kit can wear out quicker when using indoor.
I prefer a bib short because it the chamois stays better in the right place, I also use a thin base layer shirt as it helps with better sweat regulation.

I really don’t see the need to search for an alternative without additional information

I wear my pyjamas on recovery rides, but that’s probably not your use case :laughing:


All I can picture at this point is something that looks like a jockstrap, but holds a chamois in place instead of a cup. Essentially bike shorts minus the shorts part. Think bib shoulder straps, attached directly to the chamois, and that’s it. Or maybe something like a Borat speedo, but with a pad.

Ok, I’m done now.


Transatlantic rowers apparently have found the most comfortable option to be rowing naked while sitting on sheepskin. Could try something similar for cycling I guess. May also come with a risk of divorce and/or the neighbours calling in the police depending on your indoor cycling arrangements…


So pajamas, jockstrap, or nekkid.

This says a lot about TR users :crazy_face:

It’s off season/base so I’m not looking to work hard at the moment, it’s cold in the cave of despair, and it’s a hassle getting changed as I workout twice a day. Seamless joggers is probably what I’m after.


I’ve done 1 hour workouts in the loose-fitted style running shorts. Don’t know if they would be a good option for longer workouts, but they do keep you pretty cool.

Also worn a bikini top in place of a sports bra because I’m useless at laundry, but that’s probably not what you’re after.


For anything shorter than 2.5 hours I wear regular shorts or a pair of compression shorts. I find that I don’t really need additional padding until I get to the 3ish hour mark.

Oh my word, as someone else who is useless at laundry, that’s brilliant.

sheepskin saddle, got it

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Amazon is your friend! Lol.



Cotton tightlie whities. I love it when it bunches up and when it sags from sweat, get some real heft like a poopy diaper.

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I now have this image… :nauseated_face:


lycra not working anymore? Try PVC maybe? :smirk:

Well if that image is allowed…my wife asked if I’d wet myself:

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oh my word put spoiler tags on it or something would you :rofl: :nauseated_face: :rofl:

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Real men don’t body shame. Let it all roll out!

man it’s not the bodies, it’s the outfits :rofl: