FuelRodz Endurance

That @JustinDoesTriathlon character has done a thing and created FuelRodz Endurance. Youtube video over here of course.

US only, because international is hard. Maybe one day up here in the great North…

Anyone already ordered?

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Would love to buy some FuelPodz instead.

The reusable, under 10g, dishwasher-safe, soft, non-grippy pouch that slips nicely into even the most aero of jersey pockets. That way you can carry the same amount of sugar but for substantially less money per ride. Slip a few in those gravel bib pockets and the sugar will conform to your body shape, giving you the hug you need at mile 92.

One cool feature on the FuelPodz is the simple use of printed measurement lines. FuelPodz are designed specifically for table sugar, so they have lines at ‘20g’ increments. They know you might throw in some salt or use a table sugar with grains that are 2 microns larger, but they don’t seem to care.

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[note from the editor] All the best to this endeavour, ignore this twit. It looks like a nice personal business.


@JustinDoesTriathlon why indeed! Nice.


As long as you switch the name to RidePodz, I’ll be your first customer! :smiley:

Thanks all! Yes, international is very difficult. Even inter-state in the US is hard. We’re an FDA registered and Washington state registered and inspected food processor, and that took about 6 months to get done. The way I’ve told friends is it’s way easier than I would have ever expected to sell food locally at a farmers market, and way harder than you’d expect to sell food over state lines / online.

I don’t want to use the forum as an advertising space so I’ll keep the pitching to an ultra minimum. In short, I actually had this idea “Why isn’t this just a solid I drop in a bottle?” back in ~2018, and I just assumed it was so logical someone else would do it. Powder just seemed so obviously annoying to use. But no one ever did, so I did. And in the end, I still have my day job. I basically made this solution for me and then offered it out to the world. If people love it as much as I do, great! If the world at large says “No thanks,” I’ve still got them for me. :slight_smile:

Edit: I should really thank @Dr_Alex_Harrison too. We live near each other and his early feedback, testing, and support was invaluable. Also to his wife Michelle who tested an early prototype that let’s say… Wasn’t great :joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Looks like a great idea


Interesting product idea and I love the name the most. Could have a lot of fun with packaging design if you keep following the nuclear theme!

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Cool. My friend and I also started our own nutrition company. One of our hurdles is finding a good contract manufacturer to work with

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FuelRodz? If I use them will there be a blue glow around my midriff?


We’re doing it all in-house, which of course raises its own challenges! But you know what they say about manufacturing and supply chain logistics: Fun, easy, and not-at-all complicated! :sweat_smile:

We’re basically an IRL e-sports powerup. It’s part of our marketing strategy. Get passed by someone glowing blue? That’s :radioactive: FuelRodz. :radioactive: