Fueling. have i got this correct?

have i got these statements correct?

  1. when we exercise, the primary sources of fuel must be in the muscle at the time. glycogen, fat, lactate.
  2. all aerobic metabolism occurs in the mitochondria, with fat, and lactate.
  3. carbs begin their metabolism outside of the mitochondria (anaerobically) and end aerobically as lactate within the mitochondria.
  4. once in the mitochondria, the cell has no idea whether is using broken down fat, or carbs. its all just carbon.
  5. type 1 fibres have more mitochondria than type 2.
  6. when folk think they are doing fasted training, they may skip breakfast, but have lots of muscle and liver glycogen to work through before they are actually fasted.

so if we fuel with high carbs, and as we get fitter, we are surely producing more lactate (carbs-pyruvate-lactate) from the initial breakdown of the carbs? then we respond by making more mitochondria, or improving the function of our existing ones, to better use the lactate.

so far, have i got this?