Fuel during or pre-workout?

I have a 1.5 hour session coming up (Frissell +1) with an expected kJ of about 1k. What are the pros and cons of me fueling with a beta fuel (320 cal / 80g carb) during the workout vs me eating 320 cal / 80g carb 1-3 hours pre-workout?

I always do a recovery shake after that is 532 cal (85g carb / 6g fat / 39g protein).

Even SIS wouldn’t recommend Beta Fuel for short rides.


I came across similar info on this message board but wanted to try it anyway for these reasons:

  1. I’ve had beta fuel lying around for a while and the “best by date” is almost approaching.
  2. Figured the fructose was slowly digesting so at worst, it’ll help my recovery while the maltodextrin would be used during the workout.

I was a little fatigued going into the workout because of a long trail run I did yesterday. Overall though, I think the drink helped because I was able to push a higher cadence than I normally do (usually ~85 vs 90+ for these) and finish the intervals.

Fuel before, during and after.