FTP Question - New Bike FTP increase from last test

Hello everyone,

I don’t often post but have a question for everyone. This year I upgraded my old Madone to the Emonda SL6, and for Christmas wife bought me the new trainer, Saris Mag +. So my old FTP with my Madone near my A race was 169. Yesterday I did the FTP Test for the start of this training plan and posted a 224. That’s a 32% increase from where I was.

Having given the back story, here is my question - Can the new gearing for the new bike make that big of a difference?
This is the only thing I can attribute the increase to, and on a personal note, I know I am able to turn the cranks easier with the 50/34 compared to the old 53/34. I look forward to your thoughts.

You mention a new trainer, but not an old one. What is the precise timing of trainers to FTP tests?

What are you using for power data?
Virtual Power via TrainerRoad or a power meter?

If you changed the trainer and are on VP for data, that will explain it. You can’t compare power values from Virtual Power to anything. There are too many variables that lead to differences.

I don’t see this as a gearing issue.


I am using VP - so after reading this, it makes sense. Thank you for responding, I will push forward from here…thank you again

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Good deal. One additional recommendation is to create a new Season at the point you swapped trainers. The difference in power measurement can lead to confusion about Personal Records.

So a new season for the new trainer, along with an old one for the old system can help clarify the differences in power over time.

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