FTP problem. No improvement after 6 weeks

I have just done an ftp after ssb1 mid volume plan. It was my first training plan so I was hoping for big improvements.
I have tested again today and my ftp was just the same as my first test. Difference was just 1w. My ftp is 230 and I am 63 kg(139 lbs) 182 cm(6 feet) tall. I feel like I have a big room for improvement. I was feeling really good during training. Even over unders were quite easy and I was even thinking about raising ftp slightly, because training was not that hard. Today ftp test was definitely all out effort for today. I was having hard time catching a breath and my legs felt like stones at the end.

The only explanation that make sense is that 2 days ago I have my 18 birthday party. I m trying to not drink alcohol especially vodka (which is almost a national drink of my country) but It was my coming of age party so I was drinking quite a bit. Also I was sleeping very poorly last 2 days so I am really tired.

So I’m thinking about redoing my ftp test, because I feel I can do much better. So, what is the best time to redo a ftp ramp test. In 2 days or maybe I should rest for longer. Or maybe I should just stick to an old ftp?

Happy birthday, Jakub! If you felt like your last few weeks of workouts were getting to be pretty easy, you’ve definitely improved. We ALL underestimate how much of an impact sleep has on our performance, and I would recommend catching up on sleep for the next few days and resting before the next FTP test. You want to feel fresh before pushing that hard, and lack of sleep and alcohol aren’t in your best interest toward that particular goal, though it can lead to a good time :wink:

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For the time it takes it would sound like a retest is a good idea based on what you said about the days before :-)… and you say you were finding the sessions ‘easy’ … (other factors like RPE and HR data could also give you clues that second test is just wrong…)… another point to check is that you followed the same setup or calibration routine over the two tests as that could also influence depending on your type of turbo… ? and you did both tests at similar cadence ?

Definitely retest after a few days. Do some endurance rides in between and it will be fine.

Yes my cadance was just the same about 100. I’m using a tacx vortex. I calibrate it just before ftp test. Also I think that vortex have claimed only 10% power accuracy so I guess it can make a big difference. As I saved a bit and received a handful amount of money I will buy a pair of oakleys for improving my style and a power meter to improve my training, so vortex power will by no longer a problem.

Jakub, I presume you’re from Poland. If you celebrated your 18 birthday, the way most of our countryman do, of course you were way more fatigued that you would otherwise be :slight_smile: So just retest in a couple of day once you’ve catch up on your sleep and eh, how to say, blood pureness.
Over time, I’ve observed a huge negative impact of alcohol and sleep deprivation on my athletic performances.

Pozdro i powodzenia !


The ramp test shouldn’t take much out of you. I’d redo the next day. You’ll get it. You could go twice in a day. Morning and evening. I did SSB mid volume and it felt easy. I did have FTP improvements after but the Build Phase was way way harder for me. So I’d just move forward with the build phase and see how you do. There’s an FTP test part way through Build.