Ftp marker during ramp test

Hi guys
Once upon a time I had my ftp moving upwards as I got longer and longer into the ramp test. Now it is at the same position. Can I change this? In order to motivate myself :slight_smile:

Jesper, Denmark

If I understand you correctly you are failing at the same point, time wise, in your test and want to change that time because…well, because.

You can achieve this by increasing or decreasing you FTP setting in the program, prior to the test. In a perfectly performed test you will pass you current set FTP (a % of that figure) at 19:30. If you want to move that, then change the setting before hand. If you decrease it then your ramps will be smaller, increase it they will be greater.

Not sure if this is a means to getting you gains. Be aware, if you increase your FTP, make the ramps bigger in value, that last ramp before failure is going to be a real b1tch!

Or train less. That will change where you fail :slightly_smiling_face:

Or… does he mean the live FTP feature? (Ramp test - current calculated FTP)

I think the issue is that if you know the point in the ramp test where you will have achieved a new FTP, motivating yourself to go much further is more difficult. I was always an advocate of covering the power numbers on a 20 min test, and on the ramp test, covering the time.