FTP % gains following plan completions

Before I ask my question I am fully aware that

  1. Everyone is different
  2. Results will differ according to many factors including fitness levels, how long you have been riding/training, nutrition, age etc.
  3. Which training protocol u are using
  4. Genetics
    And the list goes on…

But, % wise what would be a GENERAL EXPECTED (or a good result) in ftp rise for
A) base training, specifically sweet spot base mid volume
B) sustained power build mid volume
If they were both followed faithfully.

I assume somewhere in the region of 3-5% for sustained power build would be a good result. Not sure about sweet spot base

What are people’s experiences. As a guide I am reasonably knew to cycling and have only been doing structured training for about 4 years

Thanks in advance

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I think you’ll find what you’re looking for in this thread:

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