Free Bike Service (England)

All you have to do is live in the U.K. and wait for the crashed site to come back up, hopefully faster than Garmin. When the 200 + years experiment is over I’ll let the Queen pay for my next tune-up.

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Not even the UK, just England so far

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Copy that, I corrected my prior edit in the title.

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Some coincidence, just got an email from Halfords

Halfords, the nation’s largest provider of cycling services, is partnering with the Department for Transport to support the Free £50 Fix Your Bike Government Voucher Scheme**. From 11:45pm tonight , residents in England will be able to apply for a Free £50 Fix Your Bike Government Voucher** that can be used to get their bike back into working order and out on the road again. The initial number of vouchers being made available has been limited to 50,000 , so don’t miss this opportunity.

In the mean time, we recommend you book your Free £50 Fix Your Bike Government Voucher Scheme** assessment, which will be required to identify any repairs or maintenance needed. The link to the Government portal will display on your booking confirmation page to register for the voucher.

If you have recently booked a Free Bike Health Check, you may still be eligible for the Free £50 Fix Your Bike Government Voucher Scheme**

Personally, there are only a few LBS I would let near my bikes. Any Halfords branch is not one of them!


We bought my wife an e-bike from Halfords recently. Got into a debate with them that any work on it including chaining the tyres would invalidate the warranty rather than buying their service plan.

The £50 service voucher sounds a good idea, but I fear it will either be bikes going in for services that would have been going anyway and people getting £50 off or old £200 bike that need £150 worth of work to get them roadworthy. It’s a shame they didn’t invest in something like doctor bike, doing simple repairs for free or training for mechanics

It’s been a nightmare just finding a bike shop do work around here since lockdown anyway, which probably explains why it seems no decent bike shops have signed up to the scheme.

I wonder if there is such a demand from people needing their bikes fixed, or just peopoe after a discount voucher, who would’ve spend it anyway.