Fred Whitton 2019

Anyone else here got their ballot entry for the Fred Whitton through? I’m totally psyched! First time entrant!

yep I am in, buzzing for it. Only issue is knowing that come the 12th May I am almost sure to be a lot un-fitter than I am now…first baby due next month!

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Congratulations! Hope all goes well and you can get back on the bike soon.

Good luck. It’s pretty brutal.

Figure out the biggest gear you can fit to your bike. Then buy a long cage mech and fit a bigger one.


Yes I’m in, and it’s going to be particularly tough since I’m still rehabbing a broken hip. My FTP is down from 250w at 70kg to 174 at 73kg… Got a way to go by May…

i got a place but am going to pass it up as the B&B’s are stupidly expensive. If i apply next year then i will pre-book accommodation a head of time.

Have you tried the the hostels in Grasmere and Elterwater? B&Bs in Ambleside also worth a look.

Congrats, I rode it in 2009 and 2010. One of the best events I’ve done, the scenery is absolutely stunning! Fingers crossed the weather holds.

How much are they charging?

A couple from our club have got in as a tandem pair. Rather them than me.

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I did just that. Although I had an extra bed at elterwater yha and cancelled it last night. Might still be free.

I got a no - so A race swaps to being Tour of the Highlands a couple of weeks later unless I get lucky on the wait list

If you’re going for the full week rather than just the weekend we have a 3 bed cottage we are currently renovating to rent out in Threlkeld, isn’t booked that week as I hoped to get a place for myself.

Well suited to bikes (track pumps, work stand tools etc in the secure shed or outbuilding).

It doesnt help that the kids want to come so that is bumping up the cost. i have found a place that would fit us in for £300 on airbnb so may go with that,

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2008 & 2009 for me. I recall seeing 400w at around 4kph at one point. Killer ride.

In 2009 there’d been a hail storm at the top of hardknott and I heard tell of people basically skating down. That descent is scary at the best of times!

Fortunately for me it had melted by the time I got there.

Yep, a few friends got caught in that hail storm, thankfully I beat it by about 20mins.

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I’m in as well. Can’t wait :muscle:

I didn’t get a place this year, first time unlucky after 4 previous rides.

Still gunning for a sub-7hr ride (7:07 in 2017 with 5 minutes of stops, 7:27 in 2018 after been held behind the crash on Honister for 20 minutes).

It’s a great event and we’re heading up anyway, hopefully with a reserve spot but if not for some riding on those amazing hills.

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look further afield. My mate and I are staying in the Kendall premier inn. 17 miles from the start line but £78 for the room.

Did the event last year. Awesome scenery. Hardest event I have ever done. Best piece of advice is to pace yourself. Hardknott Pass is 90m in and is brutal. Have volunteered to marshal this year, so look forward to cheering you guys on to a great ride.

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