Fred Whitton 2019

I agree it’s the hardest event I’ve ever done too. Take it steady up Hardknott, and try to leave something in the legs for Wrynose.

And don’t do what I did, got so wet and cold on Cold Fell that I was moderately hypothermic by Calder Bridge - not a lot of fun when you are shaking so much you can’t steer :confused:

I know the feeling, waited at the slate mine for the Air Ambulance in '17 and regular Ambulance in '18 … I might try and start earlier this year, it seems to happen around 9am for some reason iirc - weird coincidence? Hope they were OK and that everyone’s OK this year.

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Take it steady up Hardknott, and try to leave something in the legs for Wrynose.

For me it’s more fight every urge of the body and prang of cramp up hardknott just to keep the thing wheelside down and slightly trickling up the mountain and knowing that even once your over Wyrnose it still a long ride from home where every bump feels like Alpe d’Huez

I know they were fine last year, just cuts and bruises. There’s always someone come a cropper!

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My tips would be;

• Start early
• Keep the pace easy-ish until A66
• Try and get in a group along the A66 and give it some effort. Good place to make up time
• The middle section of Honister/Newlands/Whinlatter is a tough section that hurts. Be prepared for that!
• You’ve then good decent rest around Loweswater
• Don’t underestimate Cold Fell/Fangs Brow etc. Looks like nothing on elevation compared to others, but they hurt!
• Try and recover before Hardknott
• Break Hardknott down into 3 sections; From woods up first switch backs, the ‘flat’ section (rest!) and the top Switchbacks.
• Once you’re up Hardknott you know you’re done. Wrynose and the new climb at Blea Tarn are easy
• The alcohol free beer at the finish is incredible :o)


I’m in too! Thinking of staying about an hour away B&B wise, as they seem to be half the price. Any recommendations?

Have you guys started your training for it? Which plans are you using/ volumes? I’m thinking low volume during the week, allowing for longer club rides and days out climbing at weekends should be sufficient. Sitting at 290w at 83kg at the moment.

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Awesome! I’ve not really looked into where to stay yet…

I actually started a blog to guilt me into training properly for this! I started SSB1 in November and have just finished week four of SSB2. I’m going for sustained power build next followed by the century speciality plan. As I’ll only have five weeks after the build phase I’m doing the first three weeks of century, a reapeat of week three with less volume, then the event week will be easy.

I’m also doing the low volume plans, but adding a longer ride on the weekend and an easy one midweek, totalling around 400-500 TSS.


Ok so got lucky on the waiting list time to re plan again


How’s everyone’s training going? Personally feeling the strongest I have in years but still 15kg over where I’d like to have been for race day so hoping for sub 8.

The weather so far is looking about as good as you can hope from the BBC although the local experts at seem a bit less optimistic

Good luck to each and every one of you. Nothing but respect.

One of my team mates is doing this. Look for the guy in the orange Cycle Studio kit. He used the Mallorca 312 as training! God only knows how you folks do it.

I’m having a year off this year, having done it for the last 3 years. I wish I was doing it again.

Good luck to everyone, one of the hardest days you can have on a bike in the UK.

P.S. my best time was 9.5hrs (this was last year so included the 15 min wait at the top of Honister) so I’ll be looking to you guys for tips and training advice for 2020!

I’ll be in Grasmere helping out and marshalling Sunday morning this year after riding the last couple of years. Will be wishing you all well whilst hoping no one from my club beats my PB!! :joy:

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I’ll be riding this year for the first time. I’ve ridden the route before just never the event. I want to thank you and all the volunteers for helping out. The event wouldn’t happen without you.

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No problem, happy to help out. Hope you have a great day, the weather is looking promising right no :+1:

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Some of you might take some inspiration:


Well, that was the most I’ve ever suffered on the bike! How’d everyone get on?

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8h 30min. I’m well chuffed with that. It was an amazing day.


This +1 :see_no_evil:

Yeah realty great day, first time I’ve made Cold Fell not already in a world of hurt. Had to unclip on both Hardknott and Wrynose. Hardknott too many walkers that I couldn’t pick my way through (although I was very close to needing to unclip anyway) and Wrynose the person in front went over.

hoping for sub 8

Missed that by 1 min 38, next year I’ll need to make sure I don’t need a 15 min stop for getting my brakes fixed! Nearly 2 hours quicker than 2 years ago and with the extra Blea Tarn climb (a bit of the lakes I’d never been too but was seriously pretty will be heading there again). Does anyone know the cut off for the various certificate awards?


I got within 50m of the top of Hardknott when another cyclist couldn’t unclip in time and fell into me causing me to have an abrupt stop. I was so mad, but apart from that I managed all the other climbs fine.

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