Frame pack + Saddle pack v Full Frame pack

Bit of an odd question for TR but must be some long distance/touring/ultra guys around here :slight_smile:

I’m weighing up the pros and cons of a full frame pack. I like how it can take a lot of stuff and is nice and centred and not as fiddly as a saddle bag. But I also notice that they’re not as popular as large saddle bags. Is that because frame bags rub your legs or are a nuisance for some other reason?

I’ve had a large saddle bag before but never had a frame bag let alone a full frame bag.

I’m looking at the Apidura ones.

I have used the Apidura bags for years and, I think Apidura is the best way to go for light bike packing. Never used a full bike bag frame. just the handle bar bags and the saddle bags.

I think the main reason why people don’t use FF bags is they haven’t worked out what they would do about water. But IMHO I would use a FF bag before adding any other seat or bar bags - most efficient use of the space, lower COG so better handling.

Re the water some people use bladders, but my preference is a bottle in a feedbag between the aerobars (or next to the stem) and a second bottle either under the downtube or inside the top half of the frame bag.

I don’t personally have any issues with knee rub, but I do have a moderately wide stance. If this is a concern make sure to go for a bag with a divider (helps keep the shape) and consider a custom bag (not much more expensive and likely to fit your bike better).

Ps. I used an Apidura FF bag for the Transcontinental Race and a Rockgeist custom FF bag for Silk Road Mountain Race. Both worked well but the rockgeist is a cut above in terms of fit and quality.