Bontrager Frame Bag

Has anyone tried this frame bag?

I would like to put a large water bladder or two bottles inside the bag, but it looks like there is a divider running lengthwise that may prevent this.

Currently riding a checkpoint so I know the fit would be spot on, but water storage is the thing that might make or break this idea. Thanks!

I’d just run two tri saddle rail bottle cages or a huge bottle under the downtube.

Remember to get side exit bottle cages - elite cannibal XC work well.

Don’t go any smaller than the 2.5l version- that’d probably net you 1l of silicone flexible bladder space which weighs exactly 1kg, which that can hold easily.


Yeah, don’t skimp on the size. An alternative is Ortlieb’s top tube bag, which has a capacity of 4 l. Ortlieb also makes a frame bag, which comes in two sizes, 4 l and 6 l. Ortlieb’s stuff is not cheap, but top shelf.

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