Fourth Frontier

I got a post on my FB feed about this just now and wondered if anyone had come across it. Looks like a do it yourself ECG for use during exercise.

Assuming it works as an accurate EKG device - which let’s assume it does - I think this is most applicable to older athletes who want to monitor their heart health during exercise.

In one of the studies they linked to, the average age of participants was 48. In that study, they found that continuous EKG monitoring during a marathon found heart abnormalities in 17% of athletes.

For younger athletes, I don’t think this would make as much sense. But young athletes are shown in their marketing pictures - more visually appealing I guess!

Interesting. I’ll recommend it to a very close friend of mine. 66 and with a heart condition who goes on an MTB twice a week and hammers it for an hour before retiring to the pub. Doesn’t wear a heart monitor because " I don’t want to scare myself" . Go figure.