Forcing ANT+: Between Garmin Edge, Elite Trainer and P1S Pedals

Hi all,

I’m trying to see if I can make my hardware talk over ANT+ so that Bluetooth is free to report to other devices and apps.

Over ANT+
P1S - - Powermeter Link- → Elite Zumo < - Controlling - → Garmin Edge 520 plus

In the Elite app I can set an ANT+ ID for powermeter link, strangely I can then no longer find the device over Bluetooth on other devices.

In the Garmin I can disable Bluetooth altogether but can’t find a way to have Bluetooth enabled for the phone link but use ANT+ To connect to the trainer

I tried turning off the trainer and Bluetooth pairing the pedals to an iPad, then turning on the trainer to ensure the trainer was not connecting to the pedals over Bluetooth. However, I then dual ran TR linked to both pedals and trainer and found the trainer was not reporting the value from the pedals…PML must therefore have been disabled, despite having the ANT+ ID of the pedals configured.

In case anyone is interested in future;

I played around with a few options then settled that I wanted two things;

  1. Verifying my training is using power meter values

  2. Train and link to other apps using power meter values

So I launched Zwift on Apple TV which can only use BTE paired the Trainer (Powermeter not showing available as it paired to the trainer) and selected the trainer for power and cadence not controllable. Then started my Garmin Edge, disabled the trainer in sensors and enabled the Powermeter which is listed with its Ant ID.

So now I could be sure the Apple TV was getting values from the trainer and the Edge from the power meter. Results as belo, Zwift file left, Garmin edge right:


Normalised power identical, average power 2W different, only max power significantly different at 17W or 5%.