Forced Rest days and Recovery

Who else doesn’t like rest days, or forced days of no training.

When I’m committed to a plan I do struggle with changes. It’s a mental thing I understand. Usually I’ll clean the bikes or do other related things, clean shoes, helmet, re wax chain, all of which I still consider training. How about you @Nate_Pearson and @Jonathan

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Fitting training into my schedule can often be difficult, when juggling job, child care, commuting, meal prep, etc. So rest days are awesome because it’s one less thing to have to manage that day.

If you’re feeling like you don’t need the rest days, then perhaps you might consider increasing your volume?

If on the other hand you just don’t like the idea of rest days, then remind yourself that it’s the recovery that makes you faster. Treat rest days as seriously as you do your workouts.

Depends for me. I had major burnout last week and four straight days off the bike made me feel so much better. During that time, I just watched more of the Tour, washed my bike and did other things around the house. Rest is arguably the most important part of a training plan as that’s how your body can take time to adapt. So really, I consider it another day of training, just of a different kind.

Hi Russell

I’m a stay at home Dad of twins. So i juggle that plus training. Coming back from achillies surgery. I have to make the most of my time available so a forced day is difficult. I’m missing a session. How will this impact me etc.

Totally depends on where I am in the plan. Usually I love them because I’m pretty worn down and need a day off, but sometimes early in a cycle I feel differently.

Oh I love me some rest days :smiley:. As long as I’ve earned them I usually just work on TR or spend more time with the family depending on which day of the week the rest days is.


I’m old, so I need the days off the bike to stay fresh and motivated. I know I’m training well when by my third consecutive work day on the bike, I’m happy to stay off her for a day.

I agree with Jonathon’s point on the podcast that recovery weeks are often not required for me because life will inevitably force one anyway, and seemingly about once a month. But day to day, yeah, I need those days off.

Rest days when warranted are the best.

Forced days off are a totally different deal. I have quite a few of them every week of the year (pilot). They basically stall or neutralize gains in a training cycle. Very frustrating. Hard to peak when you can’t get the stress.

I used to love rest days, but I do have time for recovery rides, so I go very easy for an hour. Maybe you sub in some of those?

Rest is great though; it’s when we actually get stronger and faster!