For the Zone 2ers

What’s your age and ideal zone 2 training heart rate?

46, 125-138 bpm

Have you had lactate testing?

No, I haven’t. While I think it would be interesting to know, without having consistent access to it I’m not sure how it will benefit my training. I’ve done enough structured training that I have a very good feel for where the upper end of my Z2 is, both in terms of HR (138 bpm) and percent FTP (75%).

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Given that any “zone 2” is entirely arbitrary, why would that matter?

More to the point: where is the scientific evidence that “intensity discipline” - be it based on lactate, heart rate, power, pace, or even just perceived exertion - is actually important in determining how much someone improves with training?

ETA: Just general questions/things to ponder, not really aimed specifically at you.

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Age 72 zone 2 heart rate about 125bpm

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Age 56; 100 bpm

33; whatever feels easy but not too easy for me that day. I no longer look at HR during rides and only look at power to ensure I don’t go too hard, eg keep it below 75% of FTP or so. If I don’t have a hard workout coming up in next 2 days that rule goes overboard too though.

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Age 48, HR cap 147bpm (= 83% of LTHR).

LTHR is estimated by that uses Joe Friel's Blog: A Quick Guide to Setting Zones for guidance. Depending how far season is, power at this HR happens to be for me 57-65% of FTP. But with 6 weeks to next event, I’ll ignore HR cap and go by power (65-75%)

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Age 29, HR Cap 170bpm (LT1)

But usually hang around 145-160BPM :slight_smile:

Max HR is 207.

Very interesting replies. I’ve been basing my zone 2 on the Garmin model which gives me 136-148 (or so) but I think it feels a bit high… I’m 47, hax heart rate about 187 / resting heart rate about 50.

Feeling a bit tired after these supposed zone 2 workouts and thinking perhaps I should make them easier.

I’m using a self-regulating, fatigue adapted OI algorithm for endurance rides. It is build on learned experience models that take stress load and hormonal state into account. For outdoor rides, terrain and weather conditions provide further modulation. You can access it with the memorable name “Just Ride” (TM pending).


Garmin has config setting to set your HR zones:

  • %Max HR
  • %HRR
  • %LTHR

Not sure about all devices, at least on Fenix 7.

67 yo, 127bpm but try to keep it 120-125. Max HR 174. (not exactly 220-age :smile:)

Does it not help in being able to maximize your volume without getting too fatigued?

Lot of pros and cons there.

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You could figure out how to do that without defining any “zones”.

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Is this within your Z2 power?

My max HR is also around 187. Seiler has said many times on podcasts that he thinks the aerobic threshold / VT1 is around 65% of HRmax. I use this ballpark estimate and round up to 125bpm for my low intensity.

A high zone 2 ride would be more like 130-135bpm. 140-145bpm is definitely tempo power. YMMV as usual

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I’m 54. 120-125bpm is good for me normally. Up to 130 is ok, but doing some mouth breathing, and down around 115-118 is good for day after an intensity day.


20; 120-140 bpm