For the love of riding

I was thinking about something the other day. How many of us when we are not training, still ride for the sake of riding? Like taking a cruise around the block on a hybrid, going to the skatepark on a bmx, take a stroll on your road/mtb without worrying about HR or power?

Anyone else ride to just ride?

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Often but I live in a warm climate most months so it’s easy. I try and run errands on the bike when possible as well

I took turns riding the grandkids around the neighborhood with a trainer attached to bike#3. They love riding with gpa. We did a 20 mile charity ride this year. They each did 10.

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Need to do more of this…

Nope. I’ll race my 10 year old. :grimacing:. He has better bike handling skills.

I train so I can ride more for the sake of riding because I love riding. :+1:


I love riding my bike full stop. There’s not a time when I’m on the bike and not enjoying it. I don’t see the need personally to dedicate rides as just for the pleasure of it. I’ll get pleasure from just looking at my bike.

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I’m on the gen’l build low volume plan now so I’m only on the trainer tues/thurs/sat. Sundays I do 2+ hours easy just to be outside enjoying the ride (and massaging my aerobic system a bit further). It keeps me from feeling like it’s all drudgery when I’m on the bike.

I couldn’t agree more @hmaceachran . I train at the gym, either bike or kettlebells weekdays, and then on Saturday do what you do, get out on the bike. It is cold this time of year, but I appreciate the summer more for going out in the cold this time of year :slight_smile:

I train to enjoy the bike outdoors, I don’t race. I just want to make riding my bike more pleasurable and go further, with less fatigue.

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I don’t race, so all it’s all for the love of riding. I just happen to like going fast so one leads into the other.

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I do only low volume plans so I make sure I have time/TSS to spare to get outside whenever I can. In the winter – I live in Chicago – it’s tough. I was planning on getting out today, but my cut-off for an outside ride of any distance is 32F/0c - and we’re about there today.

I also commute to work whenever I can, and have a bike set up for grocery store runs.

Always love riding bikes. Always.

I tried this last night, Xmas eve. Took the CX bike and ended up thrashing it, spent an hour near VO2Max. Oh well, at least I tried.

My single speed is for the love of riding.

My race bike is for the love of crushing my opponents. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I look forward to being out of training so I can go roll 40-60 mi in the mountains. I’m sure there is benefit, but it’s for the sheer enjoyment of it for me.