FNLD GRVL gravel dates announced

Got an email today that dates were announced.

This looks amazing, and you have to love Valtteri Bottas! Has anyone been to Finland, or are there locals who can chime in? Anyone here planning to register?

This would be a dream trip with my family coming from the US. Any idea how easy it is to get around only knowing English?


This will (hopefully) be my A event next year…may be bringing as many as 6-8 local buddies with me.

A buddy from my days in the bike biz was in Finland last summer and can’t stop raving about it…and he was the guy who got me interested in The Rift in Iceland.

Had thought it would be June 24th based on the F1 schedule and what they originally were targeting. Could make for a cooler event on June 10.

Either way, I’ll be at my keyboard on Nov 15, credit card in hand!!

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Good luck!!!

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I’m bummed this is so close to Unbound. Going across an ocean right after the 200 would be rough on its own, let alone riding again the next Saturday.

That being said, I’ll still look at going even if it will be a rough couple of weeks!

I have not been to Finland myself, but you should be fine speaking English, at least in the larger more tourist-heavy cities. Never hurts to learn the basics to get by though.

It would be fun to learn some basic stuff like “good morning”, “thank you”, and “please don’t take my KOM” :rofl:

I don’t have anything to add other than this:



The War On Vowels continues…

I blame Motorola, personally. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Having grown up with some frineds with one or two finnish parents i have got the grasp on the most important ones to get by in Finland, at least the northern part.
Kiitos, Kilpis and Matti Nykanen

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Coming to Finland is very easy for native english speakers. Pretty much all adults in Finland can communicate in english, some better some worse.

To come to Lahti is straight forward. You can catch train directly from airport to Lahti (Town where the event is hosted).

I happen to live in Lahti so most likely i will try to secure my spot.


Tervetuloa Suomeen!

So nice to hear that you are interested in coming to Finland. We have a lot of nice gravel roads here. I assume it will be a fast race on both rough and smooth gravel with some hills.

Finland is great country for gravel riding. I can do 100 km ride on gravel from my door with only riding 1 km on asphalt. Almost everyone can English here. FNLD GRVL will be my A race next summer as I can’t travel to Unbound because the date collides with a family event. I just hope that I get my registration through!


Hyvää huomenta, kiitos, älä vie minun KOMia :smile:

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It’s going to be amazing. As far as logistics and getting to, from, and around Finland, FNLD GRVL has partnered with Nirvana Europe to make the experience as seamless as possible: FNLD GRVL 2023 | FNLD GRVL | Events | Nirvana Europe

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