Anyone ever had something confiscated by TSA *after* you drop your bag off?

I noted about 2 weeks that I was in FL and I bruised my ribs. Had a local shop pack my bike for me since I literally could not do it myself.

Got home and had zero reason to rebuild the bike (nor could I, if I had wanted to). FInally got around to building it this weekend and my Silca seatpack was missing along with my Wahoo Power pedals.

Contacted the shop and they claim that they put the pedals in the seatpack and then packed the seatpack in one of the pockets of the case. First was told it was the inside pocket and then when I told them it would never fit, they said it was the outside pocket.

Now, assuming they got the pedals into the seatpack (questionable), the pack also had one or two CO2 cannisters. I am trying to contact the TSA to see if perhaps they confiscated the entire pack because of the CO2 and potentially the rechargeable batteries from the pedals? But I doubt they would have takjen the entire pack vs. just removing the offending items.

I have had CO2 confiscated before when the bags have been checked while I check in, but never once they left my control. And I have never had a problem flying with the pedals.

Just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences with items being confiscated after they dropped their bag off.

Thanks for any insight.

If TSA opens your bag they put a note that it was opened.

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Right…but it doesn’t say if anything was confiscated…it is just the same form every time. And bikes are always opened.

I would assume they would notify you if they removed any offending items(and why they were not allowed) :man_shrugging:

Yes, I’ve had something confiscated but there was a form in there with what was taken and why it was taken. I was able to get it back later on. This was probably 10 years ago, so no idea how TSA currently operates.


If you had CO2s in there that is likely why the bag was taken. I recently flew and accidentally left a CO2 in my saddle bag. Fortunately for me they opened up the saddle bag and left my tools etc. They did leave a very nice note apologizing for the inconvenience but they had to remove dangerous items. A less nice TSA person in a hurry might just remove the entire bag.

I have flown multiple times with CO2…usually not an issue, confiscated once or twice. But just the cannisters and not the whole bag.

Also, the shop has now changed their story in that the pedals were palced “woth the seat bag” in one of the bike case pockets, not “in the seatbag” as originally claimed.

I’m gonna get screwed on this whole thing…

I don’t care about the CO2 or even the seatbag…it is my pedals that I want back.

Regarding TSA there is some randomness… Family flew to Texas last weekend. One daughter flew from Reno and had her spray deodorant confiscated by the TSA agent. Another daughter flew from central CA with pepper spray, and flew home with the same. Yesterday I pulled up the TSA website and looked things up:

In her carry-on not allowed :thinking: but final decision by TSA officer :ok_hand:

so random.

Security Theater. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mini leatherman? No. But pens made from steel, bike pumps, and bicycle chains?

no problem!

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I had an electric razor stolen from a suitcase a couple of years ago. Didn’t notice until I got home so airline declined my claim as it has to be discovered missing at the airport.
No TSA note.
Both TSA and airlines point the finger at the other.
It’s a perfect system for a dishonest employee of either to get away with theft.

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You can’t put lithium ion batteries in checked luggage. I don’t know what happened but it’s likely if you had C02 and lithium ion batteries that the TSA likely took them.

There is a threshold for lithium and most end use devices(like the pedals) don’t cross that threshold.