Flux trainer use questions

Looking for some simple advice…
I have a cycleops fluid 2 I use interchangeably with a TT rim brake and my road disc brake bike. I hate the rubber squealing on it. I also have a unused tacx flux I’ve used 2x (literally used for 20 mins total). In my brief time of using it haven’t really been able to figure out the tension (lack of a better word) with it. I love how quiet it is.

Should I consider a H3 or wahoo kikr and sell the flux?

I’m currently only a TR user.


I guess it depends on what you mean by “haven’t really been able to figure out the tension”. I am guessing this is related to the resistance and how you ride the trainer.

It’s probably worth taking this to a separate discussion so we can dig in. I can start with a private message if you’d like, or we can open a separate topic in the Equipment category, if you’d like feedback from others.

My guess would be that you may be experiencing issues with the difference of using ERG mode vs the prior standard resistance of the Fluid2 trainer. If so, you can potentially ditch ERG entirely, and just use Resistance mode on the Flux. Once you do that, it will perform more like you have had with the Fluid2.

Here is an article that covers the differences at a basic level.

I can give more info after we see if we are on the right track with my guess (ERG mode).

@lightyear I decided to pull this into a separate topic for easier discussion at the moment. Check out my post above and we can go from there.

Thanks, I’ll check it out. I appreciate it.

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No problem. My gut says we can figure this out so you can use the Flux with no need to get a different trainer. :smiley:

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