Unhappy with my Flux 2, which replacement?

As the title states, I’ve just never been happy with my flux 2.

  • It makes weird noises, which seem to be getting worse - seems like some diy service is required
  • erg mode is inconsistent - sometimes it’s ok, other times it just surges above and below target.
  • It has poor clearance for my rear disc brake mount

The Zwift hub with its new single ring/virtual shifting update appeals on the surface. Power accuracy seems a weak point, does anyone use one with an external power meter? Does that effect erg mode at all?

I also like that one day, this may enable a cheap and simple dedicated trainer bike with no gears required.

Are there any other trainers I should consider?

They’ve done a lot of work with recent firmwares and auto-calibration. It’s now a pretty solid option.


Good to know, thank you!

I recall one of your videos mentioning heat being problematic for accuracy, is it likely to remain accurate for a 1-2 hour TR workout or will it be neccesary to work in some coasting?

Maybe. It depends on what watts you’re pushing, room temperature, etc. The auto calibration will only work in SIM mode, iirc.

Because you mention poor brake clearance - do all disc brake bikes fit on the Hub now? I know they changed the shape a bit from the Volt v1 because of that. I have a Volt v1, and had to make some diy modification to make my cross bikes fit, but my road bike still doesn’t fit because of how the rear disc brake mount is designed.

(I filed a bit of the plastic off, but making the road bike fit would require removal of a lot more material, and I don’t want to do that)