Flue like symptoms


It’s started to get sunny out there so I’ve used the opportunity to abandon the trainer and get out for a few hours. 50-60k around Box Hill. I felt really strong, was well hydrated when I finished however I’ve descended into flue like symptoms, sore throat, temperature and all over ache. This happened the last time I went out for a similar ride.

Do we think it could be over exertion?


Could be over exertion - was it hot? What did your heart rate look like during the ride? Was it coming down during easier segments or staying high?

You might also be coming down with something and the exertion unmasked it. Best to hydrate well for the rest of the day and try and get a lot of rest tonight. You will know in the morning where this is heading.

Without the fever, I might have guessed pollen or other allergies. I get similar symptoms each spring from pollen.