Had to bail off a ride early today

I was scheduled to do Tweed +6 today and I only made it about 4 minutes into the first interval before my legs were screaming and I had to bail the ride. Even after lowering the intensity to 95% it felt too uncomfortable to continue and knowing I had 6 more intervals to go didn’t make it any better.

I blew though yesterdays ride without issues, I got around 7 hours of sleep and felt. Heart rate was normal and I wasn’t out of breath. I usually ride in my basement which is unheated and around 50-60F when I started riding. I assume my excessive leg burn was due to lack of recovery from yesterdays ride? I’m currently on sustained power build, low volume and ride 6x a week.

Adaptive training already modified a few workouts due to me failing this one, should I continue on or take a few days to feel it out?

There are several factors that could have led to you bailing out: fuelling, motivation, fatigue, etc. I would like to take a look at your trainerroad career page. Could you please provide a link to that? I would like to know how your training/riding has been in the past 10-12 months along with any significant life stressors.

In general, you should account for stressors off the bike in training as I believe it was mentioned in a podcast. Paraphrasing from what I heard from the TR crew: stress, regardless of whether it is from training in sweet spot or threshold, from work, travel, family, etc. is stress and your brain does not differentiate them. It treats stressors from all aspects of life the same way.

Maybe you’re getting sick. How was your HR looking? Hard to say what was going on, maybe you can post the ride file screenshot

I didn’t ride with an HR monitor the last week, it’s currently broken, but I wasn’t out of breath and my HR seemed normal for the effort.

@yajvans - Sent you an email.

if you weren’t out of breath, wondering if you actually were at your limit

On all the workouts I’ve failed I’ve run out of breath and my HR was maxed out

5 mins@102% is tough but not THAT tough - if you couldn’t manage the first either your FTP is set to high - not likely if it’s the only fail or you are getting a virus of some type.

Sometimes if a workout isn’t happening I’ll abandon it then try later. For instance, abandon in morning, try again in evening or abandon in evening, try again in morning if nothing scheduled for next day. If the retry isn’t happening either, then some recovery or easier endurance riding is in order for a day or two.

Yea, can be a sign of impending sickness, whenever I fail a workout it’s usually due to muscle fatigue and I simply cramp up :grimacing:
But recently when I failed a VO2 Max session I just felt tired, several days later sick……

I’d be inclined to think this might be a large part of your answer (training fatigue). If you are following LV plan, with its 3 high intensity days, then adding another 3 rides on top of that (of course depending on what type of efforts those 3 rides are), your body may be telling you it’s time for a break.

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Both times I’ve failed a workout this year I was sick. First one was a threshold workout - ended up testing positive for COVID the next day, and then in August after having a cold and just couldn’t hang on (AiFTP was probably set a bit too high at that point, also a threshold workout)

I still couldn’t see your TR career page that you sent me as it was marked as “private”. Anyways, I wanted to rule out the possibility of burnout so I wanted to know how your training/riding and your life stress has been over the past 10-12 months. Many riders have been structured training/riding for the past couple of months and have started to experience burnout. They create topics not only on this forum but elsewhere as well saying some things along the lines of “I just hate training”, “I hate this sport”, etc. But in reality, they are just burned out and require some time off the bike. @trainerroad in my opinion should publish more blog articles and talk about recognizing burnout in their podcasts. More is not always better. Anyways, I am still not sure if you are burned out but I think you should critically introspect on this topic especially this time of the year.

Do you have any goal event or are you just training to be faster? What plans have you been following prior to doing sustained power build?

Anecdotally I had a similar issue also when doing sustained power build last month. While I didn’t fail lots of workouts, I started to get burned out and lost motivation with intensity. I then switched to unstructured riding thinking that I would regain my motivation, but I still didn’t. I then decided to end my season and now after sometime off the bike, I regained my motivation to train and improve.

Turns out I was sick, noting major probably just the common cold. The day after I bailed on that ride I felt like crud, tired, tiny fever and slept most of the next day. Some stomach rummblies but overall I’m feeling better now. I marked off being sick on the training plan and will jump on for a planned “Bald” ride today.

it’s a low 44 TSS ride so we’ll see how it goes. Already have a TV show lined up to watch during the ride :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear! Glad you’re feeling better now! It happens and you can get back on track. I hope you don’t count your forced time-off as a recovery period. It is just a different kind of stress on your body albeit not really a productive one.